Health Clinic Salud & Familia
Health Medical Clinic Near Montclair, CA

Since 2002 we have been providing care to the community in the City of Montclair

We are the BEST and most AFFORDABLE, with lots of free services, Programs like Family Pact,
CPSP, WiC, Social Services, Medicare, Medi-Cal, VFC Vaccines for Children and some HMO's. We
work with Hospitals of Pomona and Doctor's Hospital in Montclair.  

Located only a couple of minutes away from Montclair, Health Clinic Salud and Familia is proud to serve
the community in the city of Montclair. Great customer service, call us to setup an appointment, we are
just down the street from City of Montclair, CA.

Your happiness, satisfaction and understanding of your health are our top priority. We are here to
provide the information, treatment, options and services to be able to reach the best care for your health
need, with a friendly, caring and sincerity atmosphere, we want to make you feel good and focus on a
better way of living for you and your family. Our Bilingual staff is here to answer any doubts and
concerns; having a good communication with our patients from the medical provider to our friendly staff
is our main goal.

Clinica Salud y Familia offers several government services, such as prenatal care, nutrition classes,
psychologist on site for pregnant mothers, free vaccines for children, family planning services, Sexual
transmitted diseases testing, free ultrasounds for our pregnant moms, and pap smear screening, WiC
program, Social worker services, Prenatal classes. We also offer  DMV, Sports and employment
physicals, Colposcopy, ingrown toe nail removal.
Sonia Y Tovar, C-FNP, MSM in Montclair, CA

Practicing women’s health and general medicine near the Montclair area for the past 12 years.  Sonia
Y. Tovar has been caring and helping patients  in for the past  15 years working together with her
mom prior of becoming a medical provider.

Sonia Y. Tovar obtained her Bachelors in Nursing from the prestigious Loma Linda University
graduating as one of the youngest alumni in her class. Sonia Y. Tovar  graduated as the youngest
and at the top 5% of her class from Harbor-UCLA Nurse Practitioner Program in the women’ health
specialty at Torrance, CA. Then returned for her Family Practice specialty at Harbor-UCLA Nurse
Practitioner Program, and transferred to Cal State Long Beach University to obtain her Masters in
Nursing. And Obtained her Board Certificate in Family Practice on November 2006.

Sonia Y. Tovar, a certified,  master graduated from Cal State University of Long Beach, CA, provides
patients with exceptional medical care by giving patients a thorough explanation and treatment
options for their medical health in English, Spanish or Portuguese.  In Addition, patients are seen in a
timely manner, with emphasis on the quality of care.

Sonia Y. Tovar, lives in Anaheim, California with her husband Rodrigo and his two daughters Nicole
and new baby Sophia.
Thomas T. Lee, OB/Gyn,
Our delivering doctor has more than 20 years of experience in the medical field.
Taking Care of your family’s Health
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